How educators trampled my rights
Manikandan Sivasankar | 30 Apr 2012

Holding of passport and threatening the employee by terminating the services without valid reason. Highly regarded and reputed professionals in education business commit high level of corrupt practices and human rights violations.

Education is considered to be a noble profession. Education has become one of the most popular mode of business to amass wealth and fame in a short period of time. It is a surprise to know that, highly reputed and respectable people in dignified position turn blind eye to the social and moral issues. We all know what ever business done in any part of the world should follow some sort of moral and ethical values apart from the legal regulations. Education has become a pure commercial business investment in the hands of private parties.I was working with Manipal University, Dubai Campus as a Senior Lecturer for more than three years till January 2012. But suddenly, without giving any valid reason i was asked to leave the institution immediately. I was called during examination duty and given a letter and told not to come for work from the very next day. Even after trying to settle the issue amicably, they were not ready to provide any answer but went on to challenge me to seek legal course of action. By holding my passport and refusing to return it even after repeated request and complaint to Indian Embassy & Consulate in Dubai not only provoked me to take legal action but to teach the management a lesson. Is the Director of Dubai Campus Dr.Ramjee and the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Manipal University Dr. Vinod Bhatt do not know the rules of holding the passport is illegal? Still they went on to challenge as it is clearly mentioned in the employment contract itself, it is the institution's policy to hold the passport of the employees. What more can be said when they dare to defy the law of the land? Can anyone take action on these people? Absolutely not, because they have money power to do anything in this world. The Chancellor of Manial University, Dr. Ramdas Pai is busy in buying Padma Bhushan, Datuk and Golden Peacock Lifetime Achievement awards while his team busy in selling degrees to the students. Can anyone be terminated immediately from the services without any reason and be ill-treated? Is it possible in a State or Central University? The Government and the Regulatory bodies should take note of these kinds of atrocities and take stern action against Private universities which violates the rules & regulations by canceling the recognition and affiliation status. After I filed a case with the concerned authorities to take action against the University for violating the rules & regulations, they replied to the authorities on my complaint, a false statement of absconding case. A gross violation of human rights and criminal intention to threaten and cancel my visa sponsorship immediately to deport me back to India. Now, the Court issued an order to Dubai Police to ensure that the Passport be returned to me and the case is pending for judgment. The management thinks, it is easy to get away from the case by paying compensation but I am not ready to accept anything that is demeaning and demoralizing the standards. They are ready to pay a very high price for their crimes in the years to come.