How important is a Cobbler at the corner point
Placida Dsouza | 04 Sep 2015

Wearing the best and stepping out all smiling and looking good, its makes you feel more happy. Walking a few distance with head up feeling proud suddenly a disaster, OMG, the sandal which I was wearing breaks – a strip of it gets loose, such a disgusting thing to happen on the road.

Then I start walking with a limping legs to search for a cobbler nearby, walk almost a kilometer finding a cobbler. Then in that corner, a cobbler busy mending shoe, sandals to those with similar situation like me………..what a great work. Had to wait for my turn to come and the cobbler taking my sandals in his hands. He gives a sarcastic – he looks at me and then looks at my sandals, maybe he is thinking to his mind – "this lady is dressed up nicely and her sandals puts her to awkwardness"

While the cobbler was doing his stitching work, I wonder to myself what would happen if I would not find a cobbler, all the way I would have had to walk barefoot with the broken sandal in my hand, What a shame it would it would be for me – the onlookers would have enjoyed a nice joke on me….hahahah

If we ponder that a cobbler plays a major role of completing our attire. A fashion show is incomplete if the models don't walk the ramp with the designer shoes and their clothes or costumes. It goes hand in hand. Like we appreciate and praise the designers so do an equal appreciation should be given to be cobbler or shoe makers who put in their best to make the success of other. In the same manner common people who want to make themselves look smart from head to foot, credit goes to the shoe maker who design beautiful male and female shoes

Well, every man in every profession is so important. Every human being embraces the profession that they like whether the world accepts or no but in a long run, it turns out to be beneficial for the service of others, isn't it amazing. Therefore we should appreciate every profession that one takes on. There are many benefits while he goes the long way. Firstly it takes efforts to reach certain stage. Its gives you an opportunity to earn your daily bread and over the years it gives you a status of your prosperity, peace of mind and pleasant future.