How Kashmiri's celebrate I-Day
gaurav arora | 15 Aug 2009

One of the beautiful place exist in this world celebrate their Independence day in different aspects .

Kashmir no doubt is a world beautiful place , but kashmiri's always reside away from india  due to religion difference as majority compromises of muslims whereas in whole India is Hindu dominated country.Since 1947-48 there was incompetence, political expediency and malice. But that is water under the bridge.

Kashmir is a mess and getting messier .People were made jihadi and youths forced to become terrorists.This may be the reason the india cannot take the whole thing undercontrolled and few bangladeshi,pakistani funding the terrorists by providing funds in the name of mosque.

Kashmiri celebrate 14th August as there independence day along with pakistan and make black day on 15th.If kashmiri are enjoying there independence then  why on other hand they shout slogan of azaadi?quite strange.They have been provided with so many facilities such as seats reserved in every universities ,maximum age relaxation,job reservation and because of them many deserving candidate are deprived of that job.The matter have been made of religion not of land .

Kashmir is only a symptom of a troubling mindset .it has to be solved by political means or by economic means .we are looking at a world where the inability of diverse people to live with each other will result in numerous fractured nations based on narrow religious and ethnic identities.Until and unless the funding for jihadis and exploiting kashmiri's for vote bank are not been stopped we cant make a peaceful nation.Its a high time we should talk of peace not of people who are hypocrites and make them leader lets not make new gujarat or kashmir of 1989.

15th August is INDIA Independence Day it has to be celebrated from kashmir to kamyakumari.Wishes you happy independence day to all..:)