ISHA SHARMA | 02 Feb 2011

With the advent of shows like ANTAKSHRI hosted by ANNU KAPOOR , and SA RE GA MA PA, the music reality shows,Indian television industry saw a new wave generated in the genre of REALITY TELEVISION SHOWS back in early 1990's.

 Reality shows!? In people’s perception reality shows are the shows which are based on the REAL LIFE ISSUES and also comprise of ordinary masses who are been tested on some lines and bases on ordinary situation! Nowadays when we switch on our television sets,while swapping channels what we find at a higher proximity is REALITY SHOWS!
The main reason for such high quantity of reality shows on tv been telecasted is obviously THE NEED as it the SKY_SCRAPPING TRP’s(television rating points) indicates so. And thus taking advantage of this NEED and in order to generate higher revenues the people are being served all kinds of reality shows! Reality shows have a very interesting history in India. With the advent of shows like ANTAKSHRI hosted by ANNU KAPOOR , and SA RE GA MA PA, the music reality shows,Indian television industry saw a new wave generated in the genre of REALITY TELEVISION SHOWS back in early 1990’s.
Since then there has been all kinds of reality shows on a HIT AND TRIAL BASIS in India and all have been partially sucessfull in wooing the audiences of all ages and perspectives! Shows like Meri Awaaz suno,Antakshri,. Attracted all niches of audiences. The next turning point in the history of reality shows in India was when MTV(India) Planned to focus mainly on the youths and they began producing shows mainly YOUTH BASED like the famous ROADIES which has also been apparently been adapted from west but the show became so popular among the youths and the teenagers that now its 2011 and the show is successful in beginning its 8th season too!
MTv later came with whole slot of shows like MTV SPLITSVILLA,MTV BAKRA also garnished huge success and high appraisal of the viewers. Then there came a period when the Indian Producers and Directors though of experimenting and trying their hands on bringing a variety in this genre and thus they began adapting the ideas from the west and then came into birth reality shows like the NACH BALIYE,JHALAK DIKHLAAJA (Based on “DANCING WITH the STARS”) Adopted from the west. And these became so successful and hugely popular that now it was a Party time for the producers and directors as they now were aware of what and how to serve in what packages to the Indian viewers.
Till 2010, the Indian television industry had experienced all sorts of reality shows from a COOKERY SHOW to FUN FILLED GAME SHOWS, from dancing shows to Talent hunt shows where the winners of the show were given a chance to act in a film! Also MOVERS and SHAKERS and KOFFEE with Karan which represented a new concept of Chat and talk shows were highly praised and like by the audiences.
These incentives were enough in attracting the youths to be a part of such shows. Also India experiences a new concept in COMEDY And DRAMA with STAND UP comedy shows which gave India some great talent in the field of comedy and drama which was mainly initiated by STAR ONE through its popular show like “LAUGHTER CHALLENGES”. Also Bigg Boss which ran its 5th season hosted by Salman Khan which apparently and undoubtedly has been successful and popular. But people’s eye balls popped out when suddenly RAKHI SAWANT publically announced her SWAYAMVAR (A process of choosing Bride/Groom on purely one’s own choice) in form of a REALITY SHOW! What was left to be shown?!
FIGHTS,DISPUTES,HUMAN EMOTIONS AT  its peak,CRY,LAUGHTER all were already been shown so now this was an idea which truly no one could have even in wildest dreams had imagined that even MARRIAGE could have been taken as a tool to gain eye balls! But still the show became a success and gained decent TRP’s and thus the makers had no choice but to come up with season 2 and now even season!
Was it really necessary to publically create a huge propaganda of choosing a apt BRIDE or GROOM in public or can’t it be all done without telecasting every bit of it on TV! After swayamvar what was left?!?! All sorts of reality shows had already been tested and TASTED! But we can’t just deny the fact that Indian’s creativity does not remain confined to only thinking deep but DEEPEST! So UTV( BINDAAS) a tv channel mainly for the youths and teens)came up with another great and different concept of shows like “EMOTIONAL ATTYACHAR” and “BIG SWITCH” !
These were the shows depicted the harshest reality of real life TO REEL life! The youths enjoyed but the parents and the elder’s assumed it to be a direct attack on the PRIVACY and CULTURE and considered it to be nothing but VOUYERISM !But still the managed to gained TRPS and POPULARITY!
And now when we stepped in 2011, The shows like “MAA EXCHANGE”, “WIFE BINA LIFE”, mainly WOMEN ECCENTRIC shows depicting the situations surrounding women have also being liked by the audiences! The reality shows are a good source of passing time entertainment but to a limited extend! It must not been forgotten that the shows are based on situations which may appear realistic but it may be scripted and already planned in order to effect deeper !
Some shows might have a high level of VIOLENCE,USE OF ABUSIVE LANGUAGE and some situations which must only be tried and absorbed to a certain extent and must not be certainly adapted! But REALITY shows nowis comprising a major part in revenues of the TV industry in India and this fact can not be denied! They ahve been successful in making our BORING weekends SPICY and INTERESTING! So, REALITY SHOWS must be REAL OR UNREAL but they surely WORTH A WATCH!