How real are the reality shows?
GAYATRI ARORA | 26 Feb 2011

Reality shows have enough capacity to generate larger no. of viewers, in a short duration of time..but who knows that how real are they?

THESE DAYS we have so many reality shows on air. People watch them everyday,but still say "who cares?" The viewers spend time watching these fake shows,where the actors are paid tremendously,for standing in a particular pose. Earlier there were only one or two,Which grabbed our attention,though they were not true.

The contestants gain immense fame and popularity this way. And get freedom to speak whatever their hearts want to say. They become favourites of people,watching them by portraying and projecting themselves to be pure gems.

The judges are the ones who constitute the panel of jury,and most of the times they are the ones overcome by anger and fury. They fight amongst themselves on the screen,and the most amazing fact is that,The person who yells the most is the one who is weak and lean. This drama is all a part of a concept,Probably,to bring up the ratings of the show,As people are more interested in the masala and tadka effect. And not the ones which maintain a profile that is low.

The judge's verdicts often surprise us but at the end of the day, Inspite of all the fuss they convince us. It is the host who plays the role of a Sutradhar and binds them all together,And its his responsibility to bear it all and yet turn the hot,raging atmosphere to calm and cool whether. He supports the contestants when theye are in need,and values the verdict of the judges,not disregarding it indeed.

The poor contestants has no opinion or view,as for acting,he is given his share or due. He adds his pathetic sense of humour to make the audience smile,and to do this he uses his stupid antics or guiles,the worst part of these programmes is that they divide the people into different states.S o, the viewers vote according to the terrible dictates.

The result is innumerable smses dedicated to their friends of mates. Thus these shows are baselessly based. No doubt they still manage to create all the hype and craze.

Reality shows are synonymous with hypocrisy,concealed truth and everything that is fake,Hence a genuine bit of advice is : either to stop watching these gigs for our own sake or turn the television on and critically analyse and relish what is truth and what is fake!