How to cure psychosomatic aches and pains?
Satbir Singh Bedi | 28 Jan 2014

There is a psychosomatic unity in our physical personality i.e. body and mind form one unit and any abuse, indignity, hurt, etc.,which the mind suffers and gets reflected in bodyaches and pains are called psychosomatic aches and pains. Suppose we get frequent headaches, which are not set right by medicines like aspro, saridon, etc., then it is a psychosomatic headache.

This headache can be set right by going into the reasons when it was produced by some abuse, indignity or hurt which the mind suffered. So, the question to be asked is, what gives me this headache?  Has my boss become a headache for me or has my friend become a headache for me or has my wife become a headache for me?

After identifying the person, we have to go to the reason of why 'my boss', 'my friend' or 'my wife' has become a headache for me. Did any of them insult, belittle you or made such heavy demand on you that you developed such headache. When you developed a headache, did you actually want to weep or hurt the person concerned who has insulted you etc.  If you concentrate on your headache,you may actually start weeping  but if you are a man, it may be difficult for you to weep because of the axiom that big boys do not cry.  

But, headache has these two components to weep at the insult etc. and to thrash the person who has insulted you. However, you must analyse your situation carefully before rushing to thrash anybody and as a substitute may thrash the pillow showing it no mercy.  Just as with headache, you can proceed the same way of an ache in the neck.  Who gave you the ache in the neck and when you concentrate on ache in the neck, you would again be able to weep and strangle the pillow instead of the person who has given you the ache.