how to face board exams
sathya | 23 May 2008

this is an article about the experiences of a girl during her board year

I WAS in the beginning of class 10 and the teachers were like, ’Make hay while the sun shines’; ’Little drops of water make a mighty ocean’, and more of this sort that probably their teachers had told them when they were our age. I had to use my little-used thinking abilities to figure out that they wanted us to start early and end up successful at the end of the year.

And it turns out that the human mind works mysteriously...at least mine did. The summer vacation started and thankfully, we had no extra classes. I enjoyed my vacation a lot. I played, slept and watched TV and engaged myself in everything except studying.

Then came the end of those heavenly days out of school. School resumed and thus the unusual load of weekly and monthly tests. Worse than that was the ban on physical training periods, extra classes and much more. All in the hopes of putting something into our heads! But nothing made me feel like a nerd at that time. My scores weren’t amazing and this, I call, the period of inactivity over the beginning of the academic year.

No one believes me that I started taking tuition in Math in November 2005 or when I say I bought my Sanskrit textbook in December the same year.

Then came January 2006. I realised the pressure and I was always seen with books, during assemblies, in lunch breaks and almost everywhere. I managed to write my board exams without much difficulty and even managed a 96% marks, which is an enigma how it happened! I don’t look back because I have no regrets about my class 10.

It was two years ago. Today, I am in class 12 and it’s holiday. What more...I’m spending my days eating and sleeping, the same usual period of inactivity. And I hope that the magic works again.

Warning: this doesn’t work for all... students do not try this.