How to get College Scholarships, Golf Scholarships & Financial Aid

Tour Resource Center Continues its in-depth Look at College Golf with College Scholarships


As college golf continues to gain popularity, and proves to serve as a great training system for those wishing to play on the PGA TOUR, LPGA Tour, and other professional tours, the recruiting game has become increasingly more important. For golfers hoping to find their way onto a college golf team, it has never been more important to understand the recruiting game, how to get college scholarships, and how to make sure the program you settle on is the right program for you; follow this article and the series at tourresourcecenter.com
 The TRC College series of informative articles meant to provide junior golfers with a road map to a successful career in Collegiate Golf.
This week, the series focuses on “How to Get a College Golf Scholarship”.  This article will include the different types of scholarships and funding that is available, including College Golf Scholarships, College Scholastic Scholarships, State Scholarships and Financial Aid. This article layout out the groud work needed to pay for college, included at the TRC is a current list of over 83 Golf Scholarships and $175,000.00 in Scholarships funding available in the United States.
Previous articles focused on “An Introduction to College Golf Basics” and “Playing College Golf: Important Information to Know”. The series also educates members on tourresourcecenter.com on the other college associations – in addition to the NCAA - in which talented golfers can access scholarships such as the NAIA and NCJAA.
Coming up later in the week, the series turns its attention to an in-depth look at Minority Scholarships.
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