How to make country Systen pure and perfect

Part -1 With in one day we can not make system correct so we have to work and think in steps. First thing we have to ask government to reduce the layer of political administration. Means now MP.MLA,Nagar panchayat,gram pradhan ,blockprmauk……. There

Ailed by various evils like dishonesty and polluted politics, the Indian system needs a complete makeover. We understand that the change cannot be brought overnight, so we need to think and work step by step.
LIKE WE all know, we cannot correct the system overnight, so we will have to think and work in steps.
The first part:
We should ask the government to reduce the layers in administration. Like at present we have MPs, MLAs, Nagar panchayats, gram pradhans, block pramukhs ete. So, the system has number of layers, which are not needed. Once the layers are reduced, we can think about leaders. It is a general perception that if the leader is honest, he can’t survive in the system. Do you think the same way? Government and we need to think on the lines of banning any kind of expenditure on election campaigns. “Aap jan sevak ho, to aap ko log aise bhi janege, Phir chunav prachar kuon? (If you are a public servant then people must recognize you. Why do you require an election campaign?
The second part:
In this way we can reduce the over expenditure during election times. This will finally provide opportunity to honest people to join politics and will help them further in serving the nation with honesty.
Do not consider the example of Mamohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi etc. They can be honest, because they get money from party funds and always win the election.
We need to think that why our constitution does not provide any regulation regarding how much we should spend on specific districts and areas
What are the priorities of our country? The government should prepare a priority list and the money should be invested priority wise. The public money should not be wasted in the programs like Mid Day Meal, Adult Education etc. We will have to ask the government that first it should announce about the problem and its priority and after that the money should be invested in it.