How to seek a refund from Transport companies for inconvenience during the travel.
Dr Leela Purnima B | 22 Jul 2011

This is in accordance with Indian Laws. It tells you when you can get refund for inconvenience during the travel.It is for Consumer Rights.

1. Cancelling First Class Bogies without due notice.
2. Making the travelers wait on the Platform without providing proper information.
3. Failure of A.C. in A.C. Compartments
4. Theft from reserved compartment due to bad doors and windows.
5. Allowing travelers without reservation into Reservation Compartments resulting in theft.
6 Delay in disposal of the complaints.
7. Disturbing the sleep of travelers during night time.
8. If all the promised facilities are not provided or bad.
Air Travel:-
1.    Selling more number of tickets than available seats.
2.    Refusal to give boarding pass in overselling
3.    Paying compensation to the delay in arrival.
4.    Claiming compensation for the real value of the air tickets lost in Transit.
5.    The traveler can continue the dispute if not satisfied with the compensation.
Other Info:-
1.    To lodge a complaint in the consumer cell contact your nearest Consumer Protection Counsil ,Organising Secretary or President.
2.    It will take 30-90- days for your complaint to be looked into.
3.    There will be a nominal fee or no fee for lodging a complaint.
4.    Please store all your transaction slips for the services / purchases made by you carefully as these will serve as proofs. See that you have everything in writing.