How to Select a Car DVD Player with Android System
Janice Wei | 02 Jul 2015

It is simple to select a big screen television or a mobile phone in electronic store, as you can often try out the item in person, and test it if it is working well or not, or check out the display, or the stereo quality. However, Car DVD Players are often sealed in packages, and even if they're on display, it's difficult to know how they'll perform in real-world conditions.

People often become bitten by the GPS bug when they ride in a friend's car that has a GPS. By all means, try out a friend's GPS if you can, but I find that owners often don't know all of the features of their own units, or they aren't aware of important differences in performance and features up and down the price scale.

Here are some tips to help you find the suitable car GPS with Android system a for your needs at the best price.

1.    Understand Your Needs and Evaluate Features
The first step is to understand what features are available; what you need based on anticipated use; what would be nice to have if you are willing to spend a little more, and what's a good value.

There are various functions or features in current car DVD players, such as Bluetooth, Radio, GPS, Screen Mirroring, USB etc. If you usually use Bluetooth call, then Bluetooth function is required. If you like surf internet wherever, then you should consider Android system. Currently many car dvd players are with Android OS, including Android 4.2.2 or Android 4.4.4 Quad Core. You can install 3G or connect WIFI to your Android car dvd to realize internet connection all the time, pretty convenient and fashionable!

2.    Find the Reviews

If you are going to purchase the radios online, from ebay, amazon or from the brand's official site, you are recommended to read the reviews first. Generally speaking, the reviews are real and trustable. Many fans like to post their experience after buying or using, which is helpful for buyers.

3.    Post your question to the customer service or online support.

In order to make sure if the head unit can fit your ride or not, you should consult the customer service before purchasing, which is safer and avoid trouble. For example, you are recommended to take some pictures of your car dashboard as well as power plug if possible, show them to the seller, and ask them to help you confirm with their Car DVD players, which model is suitable to fit your ride.

Sometimes you may like to use certain fashionable function, such as screen mirroring, you'd better tell them your mobile phone model, and check with them whether your phone are compatible with the function or not. It is better that everything can be confirmed before you receive the Car GPS player.

Android Car DVD is the trend in current market, you deserve to get one. Getting one for your family or friend as a present is a nice idea too. But don't forget the several tips above, hope it helps.