How to use Wikipedia to promote your website
Rondal Ward | 21 Mar 2011

Wikipedia is the most popular encyclopedia on the internet. It ranks for many keywords on the search engine. Whatever search phrase you use, the Wikipedia entry always rank on the top.

WIKIPEDIA IS an encyclopedia that is contributed by the public. Anyone can create an article on Wikipedia and include links on it for free of charge. The links included in the Wikipedia page are nofollow. The nofollow attributes make sure that the search engine won’t index the link. It tells the search engine that the link don’t have any relationship with it.

Though the anchor links are nofollow, they will help in your SERP ranking. This is because a link in Wikipedia will receive high value. Wikipedia is the world’s recommended encyclopedia so any link in it will be given a high value.

When writing a Wikipedia entry, make sure that it is relevant to the site which you want to promote. You can create all kinds of entries. You can create an entry about your company. You can also create an entry about a new product or services which you have launched. The entry must talk about the product in full details.

The entry is supposed to offer the most details about the product. Many people will visit this page to find out about your product. In the entry, you should include at least one link to the website of your product or services. In this way, people that are interested in your product or services can visit your website.

If your entry is frequently visited by people, it is likely to get pagerank. People who find the information useful will talk about it on their blogs and give a link back to the entry. When a lot of people link to the Wikipedia entry, Google will assign pagerank to it. The more traffic that the entry has, the more visitors it will drive to your landing page.

Besides using Wikipedia, you can also implement other SEO methods to promote your site. You can submit your site to the free directories. You should only submit your site to the top  directories. The top directories have high page rank and can help your site to rank higher. The pagerank on the homepage will pass on to the listings in the directory.

Some directories have several categories that have pageranks, for example Dmoz. You can submit your site to Dmoz and benefit from the high pagerank in the internal page. The high pagerank ensures that your site will be given priority over other site.

You can submit article to the directories. Submitting articles to the directories make known your product to the public. When submitting articles, make sure you check the grammar of your article. In this way, your article will surely get approved by the editor.

The article should not be promotional and give out a message that hint the visitor to buy something. Your article must be informative so that  the readers can gain benefit from it. The article should have at least four hundred words. After you have submitted to the article directory, you must wait for some time for the article to get approved.