How wisely celebs choose any of product endorsement?
Rajni Verma | 12 Jun 2015

We believe what we see. We are so blind to follow any of bollywood celeb that we hardly care about the consequences. Bollywood celebs are also into endorsement business too which is not new.

From Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan each celebs is into this business. But does anyone think twice before using any of product these celebs endorse. Recently, Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and even Preity Zinta who endorsed maggi a decade and two years before fell in a controversy row. Three of them slapped with a notice for endorsing Nestle food packet food product maggi noodles without knowing or having any knowledge of ingredients which used in it. Uttar Pradesh food regulator department Food Safety and Drug Administration found presence of MSG (monosodium glutamate) and Lead in it.

In a recent past, Tamil Nadu petitioner K Manavalan, a consumer-right activist approached Tamil Nadu's State Forum. In his petition he mentioned how these three celebs gave their ignorance to the product quality and safety concerns. They plunged to advertise for the product without verifying the whole product ingredient and falsely represented the unsafe product.

Early, Sanjay Dutt who used to advertised for Goa Pan Masala caught in chewing pan masala in cancer foundation' awareness camp. Though both stories are different but inspite of knowing the harmful effects of chewing pan masala Sanjay Dutt took whole thing lightly and endorsed the product. Following the same, Priyanka Chopra also engulfed in the same chain and seen endorsing Rajnigandha Pan Masala.

However, if we manage to peep in past indicent, even existing cold drinks caught in a same low level safety and quality row. In 2006, The Center for Science and Enviroment (CSE) came out with a report which mentioned how cold drink companies are boosting the usage of pesticides in soft drinks. Perhaps, the level of pesticides in cold drink was so high which enough to harm anyone's bone.

The submitted report revealed that how companies are using three to five different pesticides in all the samples. Unfortunately, it was 24 times higher than the Bureau of Indian Standards norms. Companies like, Pepsico, Coca-Cola were also entangled in this along with other eleven soft drinks. Still one wintess the advertisement on television where celebs who hardly bother about the content used in product are endorsing them all.

From spreading wrong message to obscenity (Katrina Kaif's Slice advertisement) one can easily identified, how blindfolded celebs are when it comes to promoting product.

Interestingly, there are other celebs too who refused to endorse the products which they find below their dignity. From Sachin Tendulkar who refused to endorse luxury car to Kangana Ranaut who rejected a crores project of fairness cream endorsement cleared how responsible they are toward their societal duties. 

These personalities nailed how they chose to be fair with everyone and doesn't go below the belt or their dignity for earning good amount in the industry. Befooling others is not their cup of tea and they proved it in realm too.

Perhaps, celebs should think twice taking a charge of product endorsement. If they are familiar with how their fans follow them blindly then this is also their responsibility to make a choice wisely.  

No wonder now everyone is forced to think twice when they see their favorite celebs in any of advertisement. Possibly, they all will strike with a question - Do they really use it or just faking around?