'Human Rights and its accessibility'
CJ | 14 Apr 2011

Many of the conferences of literati's and eminent social scientist and other eminent specialist have been attended by the discussion on Human rights and human rights violation in various fields.

Many of the conferences of literati’s and eminent social scientist and other eminent specialist have been attended by the discussion on Human rights and human rights violation in various fields.  
Here my point of deliberation in context of tribal communities who belongs to the burn issue of deliberation when the” violation of rights” word occur. And many of the issues occur in context of human rights violation of tribals.
We talk about the human rights violation of tribals and their rights and create a many chaos and tension on it. But what the outcome occur of it. What conclusion we get and at what extent we get success to get it and provide the right to the tribal communities in India. 
Apart of this all discussion one issue regarding the human rights violation of tribals and their natural rights. First and foremost point which occur as the first click in the mind that at what extent those people for whom we are fighting for their rights are acquainted with their rights and the term for which they have to stand. When mind was click with this question I tried to find out the roots of it success and acquaintance for which we are using this hi-fi terminology.
To get the profundity in the subject of human rights in context of tribals I pitched in the village Gordhanpura which is in Kisanganj block of Rajasthan. And where the tribal community is residing on its excess. Population is around 12075. And lump sum 350 houses are there. Some are constructed “Pucca houses” by the government under the IAY. And remaining one are the “kuccha houses” and “thatch”. After the many facilities providing by the government as I acquainted by the reading about the various policies and plans which is implemented for the upliftment of these primitive tribes. As in case of this village I get to know that vary policies are here but only implemented in dossier not in realistic manner. That was my first keen observation in the village regarding the human right violation of tribals in Rajasthan. Not getting which is made for them is the violation of rights in itself of their rights.
It is not an easy task to get a response of these busy people who spend their life by doing a hard labor for their two time meal. And the term for which I am surviving to get their response is also sound “ultra-virus” for them.
My first work was there to make them able to understand the term for which I am talking about and for which I want to get their response. I make the task easy for them by depicting the whole criteria of human rights in rights for which they are authorize to have but not getting actually.
In this session of making them able to understand my colloquy I get to know that they are actually not getting what their human rights are and they are also not known with this thing that they are not getting what actually they are the beneficiary of. 
But after this all where they lagging are the use of jargonized technical governmental words as like “Human Rights violation”. It’s a very bulky word for the simple illiterate or basic educated tribals. Who know nothing about anything inspite of thinking about having and making arrangements for their two time meal.
Here I am talking about the Tribals who are the Remoter and away from the urban/city shams. but I observed that if we talk about the this term even the educated person he/she have to think about it and after pondering few minute they answer this,” that it is a good thing to have”. But what it is? No one able to describe. Here I am talking about the educated strata. Than how can we expect acquaintance of this highly bulky term in its sense from this surviving community?
But what is the use of it, if they are not getting the benefit of it.
Some NGO’s are working in this village for the development of Sahariya Tribe but there is very less visibility of the workers of the Ngo’s in the village and same mannerly people are not acquainted with the workings of the Ngo’s in this village.
Here I observer keenly some of the point which need a inevitable consideration of GO’s as well as NGO’s working for the development of tribal community, is that they need a enlightenment and connectivity through knowledge regarding the various schemes implemented by the government for their upliftment in this Ngo’s playing a important role of mediator to make them connect with the various knowledge and keep the villagers up to date. But here because of mo mutual understanding and lack of participation of the community people with the Ngo workers in the village occur as the main barricade in the development of this tribal community.
Apart from this all here I observed abiders are densely dumb to accessing any right and to speak for their own right with a mind that if they speak they stand alone and whole community do not support them and they don’t want to go against their community. Community fear ‘jativadita’ is the common trend among the people who cease them to keep their steps forward for getting their rights and they still remain the dumb for their rights.
And point of consideration is that every single person is facing the same problem and surviving for it. But not a single person were there who gonna be reveal themselves or stand for their rights and violation which is taken place against them.
And this process is in continuation passes from one generation to another and now become the part and parcel of their life which they accept as their fate. 
But none of the changes has occurred within themselves, condition of their  family and the community in which they are residing.