Hung assembly may emerge in Telamgana

The pulse of the Telangana voter this time is not to give ansolute majority to any party. It appears a hung assembly on cards as TRS and Congress both strived hard to win the hearts of voter but their efforts are not in a position to success as the voter of Telangana is unable to decide judge who is the real one in bringing Telangana separate state.

Who will be the king and who will be the king maker in Telangana in the assembly elections which is going to polls on 30th April is a big question mark as the situation is not easy to asses.

The Telangana which is going to elect its first government after the struggle for six decades will have its first election after it has been carved from the Andhra Pradesh as 29th state of India.

The electioneering had erupted the difference between the parties and went on with scolding each other. Chandra sekhar Rao of TRS was the main target for all parties  in the campaign and “Manasena “Chief and coalition partner of TDP-BJP combine Mr. Pawan Kalyn went to the extent to reprimand(warning) KCR with punch live skin in Telugu we call it ‘Tata cheerusta’. All these made undignified and Sonia and Rahul also strongly answered the KCR that a cheater. Chandrababu also fired at KCR vulgarly.  In reply KCR also warned voters to cast their vote to TRS or any other national parties.

Thiugh KCR was fired earlier on Congress but realized it would harm if it was over dosed.  Finally he was angry with the BJP and little softened towards Congress. At first the alliance between the TDP and BJP might be strong but it was not worked out sufficiently.

All the mathematics before the election seems to be incorrect as the voter pulse is different towards the political parties. Though Congress and Telengana Rastra Samithi both are claiming that they were principle in bringing separate Telangana, Bharatiya   Janata Party is arguing that if they were not supported the bill in Parliament the dream of Telangana would be remained dream forever.

In the above scenario the electioneering was run with some high temperature and voter has to decide whose is to be credited for separate Telangana.

Principally Congress and TRS are staking claims each other that credit should be theirs. Meanwhile Telugudesam party was in dispute that because of their letter of no objection to Pranab Mukharjee regarding the creation of Telangana had paved the way to create separate Telangana. But because of duel stand at the discussion in Parliament and Assembly the credit of their so called letter to Pranab Mukherjee has faded out finally.

What people are in view that no party will get the absolute majority but Congress and TRS will stop on the edge? If it was hung then both need a support of any other small political party like MIM or independents. One has to get 60 seats to form the government.

 YSR Congress party is also set to open their score with two or three assembly seats. TDP-BJP alliance may get between 10 and 15 seats.

Let us see what happens.