Hyderabad Raj Bhavan phone lines tampered
Narendra Ch | 22 Jan 2015

The phone lines of Raj Bhavan in Hyderabad were tampered with.The culprits hacked the telephone lines and made calls to Oman and Sri Lanka. This rose a bit of stir in the police department. Governor ESL Narasimhan who met with the police commissioner discussed the issue personally.

The CID officials are carrying investigating the tampering to find out to whom the calls were made and if there was any security threat and if there was any link to terrorist activity from the city.


The issue came to light only when Raj Bhavan received a bill that was in excess to the tune of Rs 38,000 for the month of December, according to Raj Bhavan sources. When Raj Bhavan staff verified the bill it was found that calls which were not related to the Governor were there. It is learnt that the Governor had himself called Commissioner of Police M Mahender Reddy and informed him about the illegal use of the telephone by some unknown persons.


A case was registered and the CID has been asked to investigate into the issue.  Though the  hacking episode came to light more than some 15 days ago but the government had kept it under wraps. When contacted, IG (CID) Charu Sinha told The Hans India that the investigation was on and no breakthrough had been made in the case. It is also learnt from sources that an application called Csip was used by the miscreants in hacking the phone calls that were made to Oman and Sri Lanka.


Raj Bhavan officials in a press note said that M/s Gateway Business Solutions, Hyderabad, vendor of Matrix EPABX Systems was in the process of installing an additional exchange in the new building close to the main one and integrating it with the existing EPABX in Raj Bhavan and the installation was not yet complete. The misuse was detected by BSNL within a day and the Raj Bhavan officials immediately lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime Station, the officials said.