I almost lost my life because of Ranbaxy
Dhiraj Ahuja | 15 Sep 2006

Carelessness thy name is Ranbaxy

This happened to a friend's friend. Please make sure that this does not happen to you. I am mentioning his experience here...
I almost died because of their negligence! My organisation offered me a free checkup at Ranbaxy.  They chose Ranbaxy because it was reputed and was considered to be the best.

When they did my tests, their doctors reported all was fine. A few weeks later I became seriously ill and had to be admitted to the hospital twice, had to undergo treatment, suffered for months and had to be on leave for more than a month.

I not only lost money and productivity but a lot more. I was totally devastated and thought I was going to die, I had lost all hope as my condition had deteriorated considerably.

After I became ok, I showed my reports to various other doctors (including general physicians,). I showed them the x-ray which Ranbaxy had taken. They said that it was very clear that I had an infection right then, where as Ranbaxy's report said everything was fine when it wasn't. Even normal general physicians were able to see a problem which Ranbaxy's so called specialists missed.

The told me that if Ranbaxy would have notice that, I would have undergone treatment in time and my condition wouldn't have
deteriorated to such an extend and I wouldn't had to be admitted to the hospital at all.

I also notice when I went there the first time that they were just busy making money. They had so many patience that they just didn't have the time to go through each of the test reports with care. In fact people are made to wait endlessly for their test in spite of taking an appointment and Ranbaxy is not even bothered about the fact that people had come there early and hadn't eaten anything since morning as they had to be empty stomach for their test.

I brought this up to Ranbaxy, this was escalated right up to their top management. They admitted it was their mistake. Their radiologist also accepted that it was his overlook as he was seeing too many x-rays every day. All that I asked them was to assure me that this wouldn't get repeated again and they didn't even bother even after repeated

I don't want anyone else to suffer like I have hence I hope people take this seriously and don't go to Ranbaxy for their tests if they are doing so.