I have loved beauties all my life, how can I become a Muslim now?
Satbir Singh Bedi | 03 Jul 2013

Being born in a Hindu-Sikh mixed family of Sikh parents, I loved nature right from the start.  I was inspried by the great gurus who stated "Balihari Kudrat Wasiya" (God is in nature).  I was also inspired by Guru Nanak Dev ji who stated, "Gaganmai thaal Rav Chand Deepak, bane Tarika Mandal phulant joti.  Kaisi Aarti Hoye Bhav Khand Na Teri Aarti".  I worshipped nature.  Sea, rivers, moon, sun, wind, mountains, lakes etc. were all gods for me and I loved my country.  In this regard, I was inspired by Allama Iqbal who said "Khake Watan Ka Mujhko Zarra bhi Devta Hai"  (Even a speck of dust of my motherland was a god for me).  I also agreed with Allama Iqbal when he stated, "Tera Dil To Hai Sanam Aashna, Tujhe Kya Milega Namaz Mein." (There is love of beauties in your heart, what would you get out of prayers?).  So, I stopped praying and in turn started loving the beauties created by nature. "Woh jin ko dekh ke dil mein khuda ki yaad aye, hum un buton ka bahut ehtram karte hain" (We respect those beauties very much on seeing whom  we remember God.) 
I also agreed with Baba Bule Shah when he stated, "Umar Gwai Wich Masitin Ander Bhariya Naal Palitin.  Kade Namaz Wahdat Na Kiti.  Hun Kyon Karna E Dharo Dhar."  (You have wasted your life in mosques.  Your inner self has been full of fire of hatred.  You have never prayed sincerely.  Now towards the end of your life, why are you praying like a maniac.)  Then, I also agreed with the great poet Momin when he said, "Umar to saari Kati Ishq-e-Butan Mein Momin.  Aakhri Waqt mein Kya Khaq Musalmaan honge"  (Your whole life has been spent in loving beauties, how can you become a Muslim towards the end of your life?).  Yes, Mr. Momin, you are absolutely right.  I have spent my whole life in appreciating nature and the beauties created by the nature and now I cannot become a Muslim or a devotee.