I love you my cellphone. You too are my best friend.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 25 Jun 2013

When my son asked me to purchase a cellphone, I plainly refused to listen to him but he persuaded me to have a cellphone after I had stent installed in my heart.  He told me that I could always contact him in case of emergency wherever I was if I had a cellphone.  So, I agreed and he himself gave me a cellphone. 
I did not know how to operate the cellphone and told my son the truth.  He then started instructing me as to how to operate the cellphone.  I could soon see its many uses.  It recorded every call that was made to me.  I had a directory of telephone numbers prepared with the help of my son which was installed in it.  It even indicated the missed calls that were made to me and later on, I could get in touch with those persons whose calls were missed by me. 
Then my son told me that I was creating a lot of noise playing my music system.  So, he gave me an earphone and told me to listen to old songs on the cellphone itself by switching onto FM Gold.  It was really a wonderful experience.  I could listen to various songs without disturbing others.  Then I also came to know that I could play games on it. 
My son also showed me his cellphone which was better than my cellphone.  It recorded the songs and also photographed people.  So, I did not need any music system which was dependent on electricity and was not available when electricity went off.  I did not need any camera because of my son's cellphone.  My own cellphone indicated the time and I did not need a wrist watch also.  It was quite a compact thing.  However, I was told by my son that I must never lose this cellphone because then it could be misused by a spy or terrorist.  So, I am keeping a strong watch on my cellphone and since it is so useful to me, I have started loving it.  It too  has become my best friend because there is an alarm system in it which can wake me up at the exact time.
What do you think about your cellphones?