I sell dangerous ideas but there are no takers
Satbir Singh Bedi | 07 Jul 2013

In this world, everybody has to sell his services, his ideas, his stories, his wares or his principles. I tried to sell myself.  I was able to sell my idea about the best seller of India but it was finally taken off the sale. The best seller in India is, of course, our Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh who has sold off his principles one by one to Sonia.  In my life, I have many ideas to sell but there are no takers.  I sell my ideas for free but people shun these dangerous ideas.  What can I do if my ideas are dangerous when people just are afraid to handle anything that gets labelled as dangerous?  I try to lead a dangerous life but then I find in the final analysis that the danger is simply not there. Of course, some ideas are dangerous and removed from the shelf of media but then I send these ideas to all those who are concerned with the idea.  I, of course, receive no reply.
To me, it appears that Wahabi Islam and Communism are the two most dangerous ideas.  I have, of course, not written anything about Wahabi Islam but have spread other people's ideas about it being the most dangerous cult.  I, of course, ditto these ideas.  I have, of course, written about Communism, Maoism and Naxalism.  I shun these ideas but I find that poverty breeds these ideas which abhor competition and hence excellence is lost if these ideas are put into practice.  Since, nobody is able to make profits in a Communist regime, nobody gets interested in doing anything and the result is abject misery.  However, communism has met its end but Wahabi Islam is still there and this dangerous idea is being supported by communist who otherwise shun religion and say that religion is the opium of mankind.  There are left liberals who go on supporting Wahabi Islam and are determined to checkmate any action which is taken to put an end to Wahabi Islamic terrorism.  So, these left liberals also need to be defeated so that the idea of Wahabi Islam could be eliminated from the face of this earth.