If our leaders were impartial, then we would not have demands like that of Telangana or Gorkhaland.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 14 Oct 2013

If our leaders were impartial and had ensured equal development of all parts of every State in India, then we would not be having demands like that of Telangana or Gorkhaland etc. which would only disrupt our unity and integrity.  However, such has not been the case.  When Jaffer Sharif became railway minister, then all the benefits accrued to the State of Karnataka, when Mamata became the railway minister, then all the benefits went to the State of West Bengal and when Nitesh became the railway minister, then all the benefit went to the state of Bihar.  This has happened within the States also with some regions which were not well represented in the State Cabinet not reaping the benefits of development.  In fact, our leaders have been foolish enough from the very start and instead of creating States on administrative convenience basis, formed the State on linguistic basis giving rise to such anti-national feelings like linguistic feelings, regional feelings, caste feelings, communal feelings etc.  In fact, by making reservations on caste rather than on poverty basis, they created deep caste feelings within the Indian societies.  At present, it is not more important to create Telangana state or Gorkhaland state etc. but divide U.P. which has more than the population of Pakistan into four states as suggested by Mayawati Govt.  The U.P. with its vast population and area is totally ungovernable at present.  In fact, we should set a fresh State Reorganisation Commission which should suggest the formation of the States on the basis of administrative convenience.  And it is high time that our leaders become impartial in their approach and see beyond their noses.  They should try to inculcate nationalist feelings in the mind of the people and shun the politics of casteism, communalism, regionalism etc.