If we play with Nature, Nature will play with us
Anand Krishnan | 22 Dec 2009

If we play with Nature, Nature will play with us .



Climate is a nature gift by god and we all are living in the same world and if we all love nature then Nature will love us if we play with nature its true that Nature will too play with us and that is going at present world situation ONLY dialog cannot keep climate natural their must be strict order by all countries to protect nature other wise nothing will be their for the new  genaration to leave in this world , So make nature a green and  vegitative for better future and for the new  generation.

From the  beginning Humans are playing with nature , and at last its gone on serious path , because all the countries and the people don’t  care the places by themselves , without any proper Planning in cities , towns , villages and doing many neuclear tests wars and many bomb attacks during war time and cutting trees without proper channel by govt , overloading of traffic and vehicals on roads , no sanitary cleaning , dirt on every side makes  Environment polluted and when the situation is on sinking stage then the politicians make their blame game and make the situation polluted and at present every things going worse to worst  , many countries make their country with planned planning with loving to nature but some countries don’t care of their countries and are more concentration of their seats and time period of their service , their must be a love to nature and love to nation sprit then only we can make the climate clean and green .


No body has time to look after the nature due to present situation of busy life and always a terror fear round the clock . if a person goes to work in morning he is return to his home at evening has no guarantee so this type of situation is of present world , were every were terror , accidents , bomb blast , crime , strikes , price rise on high level beyond the touch of common man , trees are cutted without any law enforcement  and all these are the big problems which destroys world nature system . Factories without approval are also running in India and the dying factories from from which the poison waste waters goes to the soil and make it useless for the production of grains and many other things from which the atmosphere gets effected for that a proper plan from govt of India as well as state govt must do joint venture and a general awareness to keep their city, town and village and for that every citizen of India must be positive to make green and useful trees so that the climate change at present is on danger and for better future every house in India must have plantation so that the weather and season will be normal and every season their will be accurate time of winter , rainy , summer seasons will be on their time other wise disturbance of climate make deep trouble for future .


So a general awareness should be given to each and every house in India to keep India clean and climate normal .