ignorant are stubborn
faith | 03 Aug 2009

about ignorance

At various stages of our life, we are crowded by situations and people. They affect our way of thinking and indeed the decisions we make. Look at a tree, any tree. It looks varied from every angle. Every leaf and flower appears distinct from various angles. This could be the trick of the light or the height or anything like such. Similarly when we do things in our life based on a few decisions others can have other solutions. Life is not about right or wrong. Life is mostly about not letting the ignorance come in the way, and making us perform things, which we very much live up to regret. Living down the street a young child played with his friends every day. He was asked to do things he did not like. Such was his age which made him revolt. To revolt, to throw tantrums gave him a feeling of independence. The irony is when he grew older he regretted most what he did when he was young. He is not to blame. This is so because he was ignorant. If he had realized what he was prohibited to do was for his good he would have probably restrained from doing it. In life we keep coming across situations where we are at crossroads. Then do not hurry into doing things. Hold on, wait and look. Learn the situation patiently. Listen, be rational, and most of all focus on the objective. By focusing on the objective I mean that we begin our journey with a specific goal and slowly the target fades. This fading is due to our egos and bitterness in relations, which peep in blocking our view. Trust the person you are dealing which and keep a steady pace. What ever decision we make will not end the life of the world, but will indeed matter with a few lives. We get angry, we feel stressed and lost. We even feel like fleeing all this is because we do not focus on the end. We all have problems at home at office and in our personal lives. Problems are common only the way we deal with them varies. You may blame someone for something they have done, but hold on, think why they would have resorted to such an act. You will get less angry by being less ignorant. At every step before every decision just mull over the thought of what you wish to have from this relation, project, this talk, or this get-together. That is all I ask ....think.