Ignoring the directive principles of state policy governments are spreading unemploeement
Dinesh Chadha | 28 May 2008

ignoring the directive principles

INCREASING EMPLOYEMENT is a serious problem of our country.but if we analyse the policies of our state and centre governments it appears clearly that the governments are spreading unemployeement themselves.The placces where the youngsters can get employeement are captured by those inviduals to whom government support directly.Our leaders who run governments have forgotten the directive principles of state policy of our constitution.Because the directive principles of state policy suggest the government to make such policies by which the money of state can not be gathered in hands of only few people.But our governments are helping some people to gather money of state into their hands.

We will take examples of few government policies.Government earns a big profit on sale of wine.But contractors in this trade earn more than government.This business is in hands of only some effective parties.Besides the retail sale of wine ,there is also unexpected profit in whole sale of wine.But this business is also in hands of few effective people.If governmant wants to stop gathering of money earned from this business into few hands then government can get this business free from capturing of these parties.If government desires so,it can make such policies by which the lacs of money which is gathered as profit from these liquor vends can go in pockets of unemployed youth.

After this if we talk about transport policy of our government,same happens here.Our youngsters work on buses as drivers or conductors only for a small sum of money but transporters makes big profit from this trade.But governmentas do not encourage the youngsters to carry this trade.This trade is also captured by effective patrties supported by our leaders.If any educated youngster try to initiate this trade by purchasing a bus.then he failes because of misuse of government power by big transporters.In this way only people having government support are earning a big amount from this business.If government desires ,it can make such policies by which this trade can get free from hands of these effective peoples.youngsters can make profit from this trade each purchasing one bus.


It is clear from these examples that government is not interested to stop gathering of money into few hands according to directive principles of state policy,but government is helping effective people to gather money of state.so unemployment is increasing.If on the base of dirctive principles of state policy the case can be filed in courts,then government can be made liable for violation.But our constitution has no such provision.Violation of directive principles can not be challenged in courts.But this violation by government can be challenged in court of people.Youngsters have to think about it.


Dinesh Chadha.

Student law department,Punjabi University Patiala.