Illegal constructions & governments responsibility!!
Akshaye | 21 Mar 2007

now-a-days a lot is heard about illegal constructions, this article on the same, provides a brief insight & governments role in the issue!!!

These days one regularly finds reports on illegal constructions in the satellite city (Navi Mumbai). The “costal regulation zone act” is blatantly violated and acres of land, rich with natural beauty such as the quintessential mangroves, which act as “bio indicators” and also absorb the pollutants let out in the creeks, are reclaimed illegally to construct malls, skyscrapers etc. any lay man would be angry when he gets acquainted with this grim reality, as the city once famous for lovely migratory birds is now threatened by the day-by-day spreading of concrete jungle and thus inviting many “26th July’s” in the making.
But, looking at the issue from the other perspective, it is also important to notice that the human population in Navi Mumbai is ballooning at alarming levels. Where would the basic amenities viz. roads, buildings, water and sanitation required for this population come from?? In such a situation, even the builders flouting laws are not to be blamed nor are the people migrating responsible.
It’s in every way the governments and the planners duty to ensure “balance development” of all areas of the state, providing equal career opportunities to a person residing in Bandra (for instance) and the same opportunities to his counterpart in Kolhapur(for instance). This can ensure that, the person staying in Kolhapur doesn’t feel the need to “migrate” to Mumbai, to give justice to his abilities.
Unfortunately, “unbalanced development” is the order of the day. Hence, it is a humble request to the concerned authorities to spare a thought for balanced development of all regions.