Impact of Hollywood movies in India
Shruti Dua | 29 Aug 2009

Bollywood's increasing influence in the world movie industry can be clearly seen. Bollywood releases more numbr of movies as compared to Hollywood but still covers a large section of people who eagerly wait for the new releases.

AS COMPARED to Bollywood releases, the number of Hollywood releases in the country is less. Hollywood movie lovers eagerly wait for the new releases and most of the foreign movie viewers in India are mainly confined to metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune.
This segment of foreign movie goers comprises working youth, students and a particular class of people from educated and cultured families. One survey says that the foreign movies are not for the masses but for the elite class.
As like Bollywood movies, Hollywood releases are of all types – mysteries, thrillers, action, love stories, etc but these movies have a slicker story line, are full of action and mystery has a preferred audience in metro cities.
Recent movies like Angel and Demons, The Haunting Connecticut and Fast and Furious 4 are running successfully in various multiplexes and certainly attracts the Indian audience.

Few years back a horror flick – Exorcist, became so popular that even who could not understand English was the part of its audience. All sequels of the movie Harry Potter were liked by most of the foreign movie lovers.

The best example of Hollywood buster is Slumdog Millionaire which had its impact all over the country and earned its success to its deserving level.

The success of any movie depends on the time of its release. That is why the time of any new Hollywood film release alongside any Bollywood film is very crucial for its success.

Hollywood films have been an inspiration for many of the Hindi film industry's biggest hits. The biggest motivation for making a successful movie is that it brings money and appreciation. So Hindi filmmakers go for a tried and tested formula by taking inspiration from Hollywood movies. Otherwise there are only a very few original work done by talented story-writers.