Importance of Support Staff
Placida Dsouza | 25 May 2015

I have been watching the IPL matches these days. During the award receiving ceremony, I noticed that each of the players thanking their support staff while receiving the award. They praise their support staff like anything. For them their support staff includes their coach, their mentor, their colleague and all of those people who motivated and taught them.

Besides that some players even thanked the staff members behind the scene. The ground helpers, the backend helper, the organisers, the caretakers, all those who make their life so easy. The arrangements that are made for the convenience of the players, the snacks, the drinks, the fruits etc. Everything is taken care by the support staff.

Just imagine an IPL event taking place without any support staff. Question is - Will such arrangements be possible without them?

To start with the base level of the support staff which starts as a domestic helper. A women who has a domestic helper (support) for her routine household work i.e. washing, cleaning, cooking and baby sitting. For some reason the maid could not make it to work, what happens – the MALKIN goes mad. She does not know where to start from and where to end. What to do and what not to do. She is all puzzled about doing things in her own house just because all this work is taken care by her maid once she leaves for office. In the evening when she is back she finds everything in place, nothing to worry about. That's the power of support that gives you time to breath when back home from work.

Taking a glance at the support staff at the government firm level. Here all the big position tried to dominate their Junior staff or the support staff as though they pay the staff from their pocket. Everything from tea to the snack should be provided to bosses their desk. Big bosses attend big meetings with big files. Who prepares the file for them. Its their support staff that take the data and keeps the required matter ready for the smooth meeting. I know that the support staff is paid for it but what would happen if we did not have such SUPPORT

Talking about SUPPORT STAFF at the Corporate, from receptionist to the pantry, from admin to the accounts – all are important to the system. Its like a circle of support which has been created for the smooth functioning of the office Though the functions are different but they all contribute to the uplifting of the organization in their way. What happens if an admin does not turn for a day and the air condition is not working. How will it be co-ordinated, and who would be the right person to call for, all this things come in to consideration. There are various other co-ordination that are routed through the support staff.

The importance of support staff is not considered very important because they are paid for their work but if we sit and think they are the real people who makes difference to our life. Imagine no tea in the morning because the panty person is not come, imagine no hand courier is taken because the office boy is not come, imagine no accounts details could be retrieved if we did not have the accounts staff. Or how would the day to day activities would be maintained with the admin person. Well, besides official there are assistance given for personal work as well. The support staff considered everybody as one and does not like to disappoint anybody and so it goes on………….

Well, writing about the duties extended by the support staff in all field and at all level gives me satisfaction because it's the fact of life which I have put in words. Not everybody appreciates the work or co-operation extended by the support staff because its considered to be part of their job since they are paid for it.

My Salute to all the SUPPORT STAFF………..for their help, co-operation, support and love

Thank You