Impose ESMA in health institutions: Mahajan to Govt
Rajiv | 17 Mar 2015

Impose ESMA in health institutions: Mahajan to Govt

Speaking on the issue of Health Minister Chaudhary Lal Singh insulting a senior lady psychiatrist Dr Gurmeet Kour in public view as alleged by the doctor, Shri Ram Sena Jammu and Kashmir state president, Rajiv Mahajan while addressing a press conference here today said that Health Minister has done no sin to ask doctor to maintain dress code. He said here does not arise the question of outraging the modesty of a woman as the woman in question is not a house wife or an ordinary lady, but a responsible government servant who should commit to memory that at the time of joining her professional responsibility has taken the oath of serving the public with sincerity and abide by the rules and regulations. And now when the minister asks her to follow the regulation, she has created prestige issue and trying to sue the minister. Referring to a news item published in a section of press terming Shri Ram Sena state president, Rajiv Mahajan and some other reputed political leaders and social activists of the state as so called activists of women's rights, Mahajan said that he needs no certificate from any person for the same. Mahajan said he is and will be the supporter of the women but the cause must be genuine and no prestige issue involved like Dr Gurmeet has risen. Mahajan further said that strike culture in government hospitals has become the order of the day. The doctors go on strike every now and then on trivial issues like altercation with the attendants whose patients die due to the negligence of doctors or the attendants of serious patients who don't get due care from the doctors and para medical staff. Mahajan appeals the state government and the health minister to promulgate law to do away with the strike culture in the health department under Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) and ban formation of Unions/ associations of employees in health department which cause unnecessary hurdles in the smooth delivery of services. Go tough against the derelicts and don't bow to their threat of enmasse resignation as was fired a couple of days ago by some leaders of a doctors' union, Mahajan tells state government. Mahajan further said medicines worth crores of rupees are purchased every year in the health department, but no medicine is provided to the patients admitted in the hospitals. Patients are forced to buy even those medicines from the market which include in the purchase list of the health department and the purchase of which is made worth crores every year. Mahajan alleges a big scandal in purchase of medicines. He demanded to display the list of available medicines in a hospital at some conspicuous place for the knowledge of general public so that the government assistance reaches the deserving persons for whom it is meant. Mahajan also demanded publication of medicines balance stock in local dailies on fortnight basis so that the government and the public get acquainted with the drug position. Mahajan also took serious view of non availability of a number of senior doctors in the hospitals during their duty hours especially in Government Medical College Hospital and its associated hospitals. Mahajan alleged that most of the senior doctors devote their time to their private clinics at the cost of their government duty hours. He demanded at least 5 senior doctors must be made available to the public in emergency wards during nights. He also demanded presence of a senior doctor 24 hours in general wards for convenience of the public. Mahajan said the senior doctors are only available when some VIP is admitted in the hospital. At the end Mahajan again appealed the state government and the minister for health Chaudhary Lal Singh to take appropriate measures to streamline work culture in government hospitals for the convenience of general public and don't bow before the pressure of a handful disgruntled doctors.