Improving the functioning of conservancy staff of Municipal Corporations in the country would bring in big health benefits
Vishnu Mohan | 11 Apr 2014

The present law governing conservancy staff needs amendment. Debate should be initiated whether to mandate all the conservancy staff hired by all the Municipal Corporations throughout the country to adhere to the policy of saying no to alcoholism. It is proved beyond measure that a good percentage of the conservancy staff hired by different Municipal Corporations throughout the country do indulge in taking alcoholic drinks regularly.

Unfortunately, their addiction is so acute that it is now becoming impossible for them to come out from this addiction.  Therefore the productivity of their work suffers.  For the ever growing population in both urban cities and towns a handful of conservancy staff are proving to be inadequate to maintain the desired level of cleanliness required by a common man.  On top of this, if a good percentage of such staff are alcoholic addicts, their work output can never be to the desired level. 

Perhaps, the time has come to debate this issue involving experts for coming out with some good solutions keeping in view the cleanliness aspect of different cities and towns as a topmost priority for any Government at any point of time.  The following may be considered:

-          Mandating all the conservancy staff to sign a code of conduct form wherein they will be prohibited from taking to alcoholism both during working hours and non-working hours.

-          Mandating all the conservancy to wear sufficient safety related equipment (likes masks and gloves, etc.) depending upon the nature of their work.  Work to be classified properly from usage of safety equipment view point.

-          The nature of work of conservancy staff is so important for the society and community and therefore debate should be initiated whether to bring in all the staff for a seven days work culture throughout the year and also increasing their shifts from one to two or three (round the clock). If the staff are made to work seven days a week and in three shifts, then the timings of working of different Municipal Corporations in the country also need to be changed.  Needless to mention that if this is going to happen health aspect of the overall society will take a boost for the better.

Hoping the above merits consideration at the right quarters.