In Conversation With
Pragati Gupta | 11 Nov 2006

A write-up on sexuality biases

As I passed through the solitary word……I saw some strange faces; faces that were reflecting enthusiasm, excitement and optimism. They had a peculiarity in themselves that made them stand apart from the crowd. But it was their verve that drew attention, not their sexuality.
That’s what rainbow planet at ISF (Indian social forum) supports. ISF provided a platform to all these unheard voices to be heard, by one and all. A coalition of sexuality minorities like hijras, kothis, double-deckers, homosexuals, bisexuals, gays, lesbians, transgenders, sex workers, all women, men, and transgenders and PLHA (people living with HIV/AIDS ).
Those faces brimming with smiles…. Who knows how much pain and suffering they have masked. The pain of being ostracized in every walk of life. The pain of their sexual identities getting hazy in the fog of subtle nuisances of one society. All their life they are perpetually in a battlefield… a battle with discrimination, a fight for injustice. Why a top-sided emphasis is paid on the sexuality of a person…? Will it make much of a difference to the fact, that they like us are humans! It’s a personal matter of how one is in the bed and should not be a business to others. Talking to one of the crossdressers and sexworkers Vinayak, said “I was always ashamed of going to school because people made fun of me. Even today I don’t know which toilets (male/female) to go into!” it must be hard to digest, but that’s the stark reality uncurtailed of our so-called modern India!!