Incomplete Story -The real story of so called democratic India.
Malay | 24 Jun 2011

This is story about how India became so called democracy just summer of what happen in last 63 years of independence and how we can write our future

Millions of freedom fighter fought, thousands lost their life and on 26th Jan 1950 India became democratic country, where politician was public servant, but when they got elected they thought they are government and treated government property as their property and they started selling government properties like land, Minerals, spectrum etc. at throw away cost to builders and corporate. They started earning zillions in corruption. Now to do this without anybody asking question they started allowing corruption at lower level. Soon this corruption was in entire system. Not everyone was corrupt in system but politician sitting at apex of system easily created investigating agency which is controlled by them and they used to side line or dismiss or even kill honest officers.
now this new system was even worse than king rule or British rule since everyone was trying to rob country as much as he/she can in his 5 year term and corruption was routed from top to bottom, India went under large debt, and there was no democracy left. If nothing is done than non recoverable damage will occur
Main Plot:There enters our hero who is older than super hero Rajnikant and more powerful then him. His fight took wicket of 6 cabinet ministers.  With his most dangerous weapon called Satyagraha he brought revolutionary change and law called RTI and all politicians was exposed but none was punished.
Now our hero Anna Hazare started real fight to bring back true democracy, decentralize power. He led the moment to bring new investigating agency to punish thousands of Villon’s looking at strength with Annaji government acted like crumbling against him.
Sub Plot:looking towards Annaji one yoga guru called Baba Ramdev tried to use weapon of Satyagraha and raised few question about black money. But due to in experience of using this powerful weapon he made few immature move and government crushed entire moment using massive force on innocent people at mid night. Winning this battle boosted government’s ego and courage. They were having past experiences of killing anti-corruption moments and bringing emergencies. 
Main fight:Politicians started plotting against Annaji and his colleges. Falls CD against Bhusans and falls allegation on honest officer like justice Hegde was just start. One mentally ill guy who is holding post of Congress general secretary Diggi raja even made allegation against Anna who fought for country throughout his life (This happens only in India).  
Villains like Kapil Sibble and Pranav Mukharji started spreading myth like bill is against democracy are they unaware of current condition of democracy? Pranav said if every one is corrupt we need to wait until new born baby grow and join Lokpal cant they understand transparent system like lokpal will prevent corruption which is there in current system? 
They came up with new bill where government only select Lokpal and only they can complain against lokpal so another agency completely under control of government it was jokepal with name lok pal they are trying to fool public.