Incorrect reporting by electronic media
Priya Bohra | 09 Nov 2009

Electronic media and reporters should brush morals and ethics which will be beneficial for them and for the society also.

THESE DAYS media plays a very important role in every ones lives. Without media, we can’t imagine our life because that is what connects us and keeps us updates. Now-a-days, there is boom of electronic media because we get every small news, which has happen all over the world. Media is the only source from which we can connect from others and electronic media is the only source which a person relies easily. We trust very news what is shown on television. For example if some small accident happened electronic media shows, describes such a way from which a innocent person who is watching will get afraid of it and sometimes it creates a big trouble for the viewer.
    Now a day the main aim or motto of electronic media is to increase there TRP rating system, which news channel is first to get rushes and how they show from which they attract their viewerer’s it affect negativity on viewer’s mind. For example if we will take Mumbai terror attack, it was very well tackled by media but some cases which was reported or shown were not good which affect mentally on peoples mind.
    Media has forgotten there moral and ethics they have become more professional then social they have forgotten they are working for society, for the welfare of society, which should motivate people not to demoralize them. In race of competition, reporter and electronic media people has forgotten every thing. They have to brush there moral and ethics which will be good and beneficial for them as well as for our society also.