Increasing TRP through reality shows
Seema Bhoi | 06 Jan 2007

making profit by fooling audience

It’s the time to attract the couch potatoes. It appropriately suits when we talk about couch potatoes with mobile freaks, the proverb of “hitting where it hurts the most”
With various reality shows being telecasted for a limited period of time and making million of money within the set period actually fool the public.
Given you a solid reason, of a musical talent hunt which promises to give the country the most finite singer the country tries to grasp the audience by asking them to vote framing that the audience is the actual judge. People not realizing that they are being fooled not only by the reality show organizers but also by the mobile connection providers.
The procedure of making profit in one night is very simple. People are asked to vote as many times as they wish to for the reality show contestant.
Story behind the curtain is, you will have to pay 3 times more than the original price of the sms. The winner most of the time wins through dirty politics. The profit earned by the sms received is divided between the cell phone connection provider and the show organizer.
The promise of giving the country an ultimate singer, dancer, dancing couple, best person in the secret house is not seen or talked about once the show gets over and the organizers have made their money.