India aqua expo begins in Vijayawada

The coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh is well known for its famous fish pons and aqua business, Particularly the Godavari distrticts and krishna district farming community is very nuch indulged with this trade. The expo2015 is a great boon for fishermen, growers and traders.

The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. N.Chandrababu Naidu has inagurated the Aqua Acquria India exhibition on Friday i.e 20th Feb 2015 in Vijayawada. Vijayawada is hosting this  prestegious Aqua Acquria India exhibition for a second time.

Chief Minbistaer ChandrababuNaidu in his ingural address said that fish is the best food when compared to other non-vegitarian foods particularly meat. Morethan that he told the audience that fish would give more intellegence to the mankind.
Marine Products Export Development Authority (EMPEDA) is conducting this big event in a be-fitting manner. The event is an once in two years which is a very big interbational one and Vijayawada is holding it second time ina row. last was held in 2013.The very motive of the Expo is to show the latest trends in Indian Aqua Culture. Fish products give more income to farming community than other faming systems. he pointed out that the fish production in the year 2012-2013 was 156 million metric tonnes and in that only China had produced 56 million metric tonnes alone. whereas India had produced only 9 million metric tonnes. In which the Andhra Pradesh shre was mere 1.6 million metric tonnes.This indicates where we are he questioned
The three day Expo is being held at Andhra Layola Premises and for that all arrangements have been made by the EMPEDA authorities. More than 300 stalls have been arranged which are dobled than the earlier event said Mrs Leela Nair Chair person of the EMPEDA. Among them many are being put up by International Aqua firms.  
According to leela Nair more than 6000 delegates have been registered to attend the exhibition and she has estimated not less than 4000 would attend three day seminar and exhibtion.It would help the aqua farmers to learn and know the latest trends in auqa faming. The Chair person of the EMPEDA has said that a separate pavalion has set up to show the Research and Development of EMPEDA in the expo. Demonstration of fish cages and farms would also be held.
last day the vijayawada citizens will be allowed to see the exhibition. As the Andhra Pradesh is having nearly 960 Kilometers of coast line, many fish farms are laid by the agriculturists particularly in krishna and West Godavari districts.