India must, in the first instance, know its enemy
Satbir Singh Bedi | 11 Mar 2015

To ensure our defence preparedness and our internal security, we must, in the first instance, know who our enemies are?

I was rather surprised when an actor-turned-politician, who is now a BJP MP described India as his mother and Pakistan as his mother's sister. This is the height of ignorance and folly. We must understand in no uncertain terms that Pakistan is our enemy and so is China.

BJP people also need to understand that PDP, NC, JKLF and other separatist groups are all our enemies and we should not have friendship with them. We must remember that a hidden enemy whom we take for our friend is far more dangerous than a known enemy.

In view of these facts, I fail to understand what made BJP to form a coalition Government with PDP which is headed by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, a known traitor and sympathisers of separatists in the Kashmir Valley?

This shows that either BJP is naive which it cannot be, being a party with a long history or it is also power hungry like the Congress party. It must now wake up to the reality, throw away its hunger for power in national interest and break all ties with PDP.

The state of J&K may be placed under the President's rule and a notification from Governor of the State may be issued abrogating article 370 of the Constitution. Only in this way, the security and national integrity of our country can be ensured.