India needs to implement its own anti stalking laws
ISHA SHARMA | 15 Mar 2011

After Radhika Tanwar, every girl and woman in India thinks numerous times before going out of their homes so as their fear what they may have to experience. Now though the Day-Night barrier have blurred as both day and night are now unsafe.

IN COUNTRIES like U.S and Canada which provides a strict law against the women stalkers that they can’t come near at a specified distance to a women, after cases like Radhika Tanwar where the girl was murdered in broad daylight in a bust street of Delhi amidst a healthy crowd, Women in India truly requires a stringent anti stalking law.

Now the crime statistics have reached a high point,where the judiciary system must immediately re-think about the whole Idea of stalking. India is a country who seem to be too gentle on this issue,as stalking isn’t even considered a form of crime.

But the cases in recent times have surely opened the blind fold of the police and higher authorities. It was 3 years back, when Mumbai High Court threw light on the fact that Anti stalking law needs to be commenced as soon as possible but it seems that they took it very lightly.
Even the Anti-Stalking cells in metropolitan cities have hardly ever functioned and also our society is such where in any case,the girl is considered alluring the boys and that’s what begin this stalking cases which can take a deadly turn when it ends in one-sided love affair. That’s not enough,now not only stalking occurs on the roads,but online virtual stalking has also increased.

The girls hesitate to share their experiences and what they have to go through in a day, because they fear embarrassment and never-ending questions which the police and parents raise. So,now we have the best way, where implementing a law which will make the stalkers rethink, so as they could have to face some severe consequences is certainly a way out to better the picture of our country.