India observe today as Anti - Terrorism Day
Anand Krishnan | 21 May 2010

India observe today as Anti – Terrorism Day

India observe today May 21st as Anti – Terrorism Day,It was the day when the former Prime minister Late Rajeev Gandhi was assassinated by the LTTE suspects and still they are in Jail and it past 19 years and terrorism still very active in world and the part of India and the convicts who are sentenced on terrorism Act and got capital punishment are alive in jail and are still waiting in Q

Living all these a past issue of 19 years still the terrorism is very active in world and india is also a big sufferer the govt is somewere inactive to stop terrorism but the UPA govt side the home ministry said that  21st May will be observed as  ‘ Anti-terrorism Day for a geranal awareness to know the wereabouts of terrorism and for what extent it is harming the society and nation .

Many places seminars , and questioner hour will be organized in various schools and colleges across india Peole in govt offices and public sector including public institutions in india will take Anti –terrorism pledge

Debates and discussions will be organised in schools, colleges and universities Friday. Symposia, seminars and lectures will also take place.

People in government offices, public sector undertakings and other public institutions will take anti-terrorism pledge.

Rajeev Gandhi assassination was conducted by first human   Sucide   bomber  at Sriperumbudur on May 21st 1991 for a political terror which killed 18 people on spot the assassination was carried out by the LTTE suicide bomber Thenmozhi Rajaratnam also known as Dhanu. Later, the real name of the suicide bomber came to be known as Gayatri. But one question occurred that the explosion site was not catre , the assassination was caught on film through the lens of a local photographer, whose camera and film wasfound at the site. The cameraman himself also died in the blast named Hari babu .

It was said by the interim report of the Jain Commission created a storm when it accused Karunanidhi and the Tamils of a role in the assassination, leading to Congress with drawing its support for the I. K. Gujral government and fresh elections in 1998At present  the current Congress government led UPA by Manmohan Singh supported by Sonia Gandhi wife of Rajiv Gandhi  has Karunanidhi as one of its allies.

The terrorism in India as well as in world effected very badly and many innocent people died and still have no secure life, recent 26/11 it gets more active in India and 9/11 in US and recent car bomb plotting case observed in New York but at present in India the internal tension occurred by Naxalites killing innocent people and attacking govt  properties and blowing railway tracks in all affected area, so now its becoming a never ending process to tackle terrorism as well as naxaltes because govt is not serious to tackle this type of terrorists organization and simply talks is not make a stop of terrorism , action is needed and for that the govt has to be serious and caution to tackle terrorism and for that unity is needed in nation then only the terrorism can be tackle , so lets hope the people of India as well as in world join hand to stop terrorism from this soil as well as from world .


 Anand Krishnan