India should shun Sunni Wahhabi countries and must have close ties with Shia countries in its own interests
Satbir Singh Bedi | 22 Oct 2013

Wahhabism is based on the teachings of Abd Al-Wahhab. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, 'Abd al-Wahh?b's teachings have been characterized as puritanical and traditional, representing the early era of the Islamic religion.

He made a clear stand against all innovations (bid?ah) in Islamic faith because he believed them to be reprehensible, insisting that the original grandeur of Islam could be regained if the Islamic community would return to the principles enunciated by the Prophet Muhammad. Wahh?b? doctrines, therefore, do not allow for an intermediary between the faithful and Allah and condemn any such practice as polytheism. The decoration of mosques, the cult of saints, and even the smoking of tobacco were condemned.
When the preaching of these doctrines led to controversy, ?Abd al-Wahh?b was expelled from ?Uyaynah in 1744. He then settled in Ad-Dir??yah, capital of Ibn Sa??d, a ruler of the Najd (now in Saudi Arabia).
The spread of Wahh?b?sm originated from the alliance that was formed between ?Abd al-Wahh?b and Ibn Sa??d, who, by initiating a campaign of conquest that was continued by his heirs, made Wahh?b?sm the dominant force in Arabia since 1800."
Wahhabism also insists on women wearing burqas and is against women education.  It is the main sect of Islam in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and presumably gulf countries and funds earned from production of petroleum by these countries named "Petro-dollars" are being used extensively for propagating Wahhabism in Afghanistan and Pakistan through extremists Muslim organisations like Al Qaeda and Taliban.  Its aim seems to be to create an Islamic Caliphate with the King of Saudi Arabia as its Caliph and to include all the Muslim countries upto Indonesia including India.
In view of the above facts, India should immediately stop going alongwith Saudi Arabia and Qatar, etc. which are Wahhabi countries but should open friendship with Shia countries like Iran and Syria because Shias would never support such an Islamic Caliphate as they believe fourth Caliph, Hazrat Ali's heirs to be the religious heirs of the Prophet. Therefore, instead of depending on oil from Saudi Arabia, it should depend on oil from Iran which is a Shia country. There is a genocide of Shias in Pakistan. India must give asylum to any Shia or Ahmadi or Hindu or Christian from Pakistan who asks for it. Minorities including Shias should not be allowed to be eliminated by ruthless Wahhabis. There is also the country of Bahrain which is a Shia Majority country but is being ruled by a Sunni Wahhabi Sultan who is aided by Saudi Arabia. It is in the interests of India that it should put pressure on US and Iran who are coming closer to each other because of a liberal President having taken over in Iran,  to force the Sultan of Bahrain to abdicate and establish a democratic set up under a President. Then naturally Shia would rule that country. Then there is the Shia country of Aizerbaijan which has much oil and India can import oil from that country also. India must have close ties with Shia countries only and shun Sunni Wahhabi countries in its own interests and the interest of its Muslim population.