India, Your Turn Next!
Sankara Narayanan | 28 Apr 2015

In the wake of the strong 7.9 magnitude earthquake that killed thousands of people in Nepal and left a swathe of devastation in the northern Himalayas on last Saturday, experts said a temblor of equal intensity is overdue in northern India.

"An earthquake of the same magnitude is overdue. That may happen either today or 50 years from now... in the region of the Kashmir, Himachal, Punjab and Uttrakhand Himalyas. When the stress accumulates, every 100 km stretch of the 2,000-km-long Himalyas can be hit by a high-magnitude earthquake," BK Rastogi, the director general of the Ahmedabad-based Institute of Seismological Research, told IANS on the phone.

In an eco-report dated 27 April, Indian Express has also pointed towards possible disasters in the Uttarakhand region. The Bhagirathi Eco Sensitive Zone (ESZ) was notified in 2012, after a series of natural disasters. But from the very beginning, the state was opposed to notifying around 100 times the area proposed in a July 2011 draft notification. It also objected to the ban on hydropower projects above 2 MW since the 2011 draft proposed a ban on only those above 25 MW.

The report further said, 'Forgetting the past wounds caused by the devastating flash floods, the state government has abandoned work on the much-delayed zonal master plan for the Bhagirathi. The NDA government at the Centre, in a volte face, decided to review the 2012 notification to accommodate numerous hydro power projects in Uttarakhand, For a change, the Congress govt in the state and the BJP govt at the centre are moving in the same direction to kill the Bhagirathi eco zone proposal and hasten Uttarakhand to face floods and earthquake sooner or later.'

We are all well aware of our eco-scientists and environmentalists. They normally terrorise us about the possible catastrophe; some of them are simply craps. Take for example Albert Einstein's environmental speculation on honey bees. He said, "If the bees disappeared off the surface of the earth, then men will have only four years of life left." Einstein was proved totally wrong. Hence I took the doom's day pundits warning on possible earthquakes with a pinch of salt.

But the warning from the Saffron brigade rattled me out of my slumber. BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj and Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Sadhvi Prachi - notoriously known for their scientific temper, logic and reason - have linked the earthquake in Nepal to Rahul Gandhi's Kedarnath visit. Maharaj said the media persons in Haridwar, "Rahul eats beef and goes to the holy shrine without purifying himself, the earthquake was bound to happen."

A not so Saffron friend observed, 'As per the Sastriya knowledge earth quakes and famines happen when bad kings rule. Earth fails to bear their weight'. I was bit confused. But I was certain the pundits wearing saffron can explain it better. So I turned towards a cow saviour. And I was not disappointed.

A renowned scientist of Delhi University, Dr. Madan Mohan Bajaj, had proved that the devastating calamity of earthquake happens due to collective slaughter of living creatures. When there is a large scale of slaughter of creatures whether human beings or animals and the pain waves are created by these slaughters that is caused Einstein Pain (EP) waves and these waves are so powerful that the earth starts shaking.

Dr. Bajaj says, ''As the E.P. waves are directly connected with the killing of the creatures, therefore, there is no doubt about the fact wherever there is slaughter houses or where more killings happen there the fear of earthquake will also be greater. But if killings stop, then E.P. wave's omission will stop automatically and there will be no apprehension of earthquake. Every living being has a soul. Therefore, killing of a living being is the indication of destruction of the world. Therefore, the slaughter houses should be closed.'

We know in Kerala and its adjoining areas in TN and Karnataka, very many Hindus eat beef. So is in North East India. If a single beef eater entering Kedarnath temple can cause such devastation in Nepal, what will happen to India where hundreds of thousands of beef eaters are routinely entering various Hindu temples. Cause for real worry.

Narendra Modi must immediately drop all his attention on the cursed land bill and bring an ordinance at once banning cow slaughter throughout the country. Naturally beef export also has to be scrapped. If the opposition parties come in his way, he should not hesitate to declare Emergency like Indira Gandhi to save the nation. Future generations will remember Modi for this heroic act. His name will be etched in saffron letters in the history of mankind. Bravo, NaMo.

(The above is a satirical piece)