Indian Domestic airlines Proposed fairs injustice to passengers
Anand Krishnan | 03 Dec 2010

Indian Domestic airlines Proposed fairs injustice to passengers




Day by day increasing prices in nation already breaks the vertebra of middle class family and one side government saying the inflation rates comes down but its opposite now and now the airline passengers who are traveling in domestic flights will be get sweating and may think twice weather to go in flight on not.


The recent proposal of the fair prices for domestic airline if proposed and gives green signal by DGCA then in future trip the passengers have to spend heavy amount on their local trips because the fair which is proposed by domestic airlines can be seen like these the air passenger will have to pay Rs 10,500 for a Delhi-Chandigarh or Chennai- Coimbatore flight and Rs 40,000 on the Delhi-Bangalore or Delhi-Kolkata route.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation to submit the planned price bands on various sectors after some of them resorted to steep hike in airfares even when it was off-season


The demand of hiking prices id totally abnormal and its injustice for a passengers who have to travel in emergency or daily routine way to his destination ,the proposed fares which is based on four distance slabs in which the airlines proposed one-way fares ranging between Rs 10,500 and Rs 40,000 for distances of less than 750 km and more than 1,400 km and fares have been suggested by no-frill carriers.The airfares have been quoted for four distance slabs of less than 750 km, 750-1,000 km, 1,000-1,400 km and beyond 1,400 km


GoAir and Air India (Domestic), IndiGo, SpiceJet, Jet Airways, JetLite and The fares proposed by these airlines on the 750-1,000 km slab ranged between Rs 14,550 and Rs 19,500, while it was between Rs 17,000 and Rs 25,000 for the next slab, and the high distance slab had proposed fares ranging between Rs 22,000 and Rs 40,000.


So still there is a tussle between the DGCA and domestic airlines new proposed air fairs and it may likely hit to the passengers only and in 2 to 5 months back lot of scheme were putted by airlines of by ticketing one you will get one free ticket and that’s schemes lastly slams on the passengers by increasing these type of fairs.


The Government of India has to check all fairs which the domestic airlines tabled for increasing there fairs and to give justice to passengers who lastly are the real sufferer


There must be strict circular and fair regulation Act against on such domestic airlines fairs because government not monitoring the private sector seriously and what so ever fairs proposed are sanctioned by ministry itself and lastly becomes another massive scam so Government and Opposition party in India has to look all these matter to tackle the proposed fairs which is injustice to passengers routine trip in future and it will effect very badly to government system itself.