Indian Govt. pays $75000 as settlement-money to the maid of an Indian diplomat in US

Indian government has paid $75000 USD in an out-of-court settlement in US where a maid namely Santosh Bharadwaj employed by an Indian diplomat in US filed a suit for rupees $250000 against former Indian counsel-general Prabhu Dayal in New York.

It was nothing but blackmailing. The agreement filed in US court specifically mentioned that details would not be made public. Was it to save the concerned former Indian counsel-general facing criticism amongst Indian media and public?

With changing times, even Indians should be habitual to do away with luxurious facility of domestic help at least when deputed/employed etc in advanced countries like US where ultra-modern advanced gadgets leave no room for manual domestic help. If Americans can manage without Indian trend of manual domestic help, then Indians in America at least should follow the same practice.

At least there must not be any provision to enjoy such faulty Indian practice of being dependent on domestic help. Indian government must make it clear to all deputed and employed in foreign countries at government-expense that in no case Indian government will be liable to pay. Or other aspects involved in employing domestic helps including being taken from India.

Indian government should make public complete details of money paid from the exchequer in regard to domestic help enjoyed by Indians employed/deputed etc in foreign countries. All such amounts should be deducted from pay/pension of the concerned ones including former Indian counsel-general Prabhu Dayal in New York.