indian media curse for nation
Arun | 16 Apr 2007

Media covers only what sells. It is not showing any kind of responsibility toward the nation. It can even sell the nation for money. Different channels not only keep blaming politics and politicians but also are misguiding people most of the time.
Media is very efficient in highlighting all those topics, which will have a negative impact on the mind of a citizen.

Media is interested only in the kind of news given below:
·        Ash and Abhisekh saga is on for nearly 6 months
·        Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan fighting
·        A boy in a pit -- shown live for more than 24 hours in many channels.
·        Two girls intruding into the Prime Minister’s house only up to the first gate , shown in many channels for more than 2 to 3 days.
·        Mika kissing Rakhi... a sensational news
·        Cricket is always on top, though there may be no such news to do with it.
·        Page three news such as what the celebrities eat, drink etc...
·        Laughter shows occupying prime time these days
·        Encouraging superstitions
·        Saas-bahu stories

Media cover these type of news in a filmy style to attract people who don’t watch news channels for information but for entertainment only. In this manner they deprive the public from any kind of important news.
There are 24 hours in a day and the media can cover hundreds of important news during the time. Most of the time the news aired in media is useless.
Media fails to cover great examples of communal harmony, some charitable or good work, work initiated by the public in general happening across the country are actually.
Media should act as a responsible medium and spread awareness on various issues like sports, health and other fields where the country is weak in.