indian music & it's journey
INDIAN | 04 Oct 2008

India from it’s very beginning has been considered to be culturally a very rich country. Music was widely practised as a high form of art since ancient times here

IN MEDIEVAL times, the great Mughal, Akbar in particular patronised Tansen and classical music to the hilt. Tansen was exceptional and is known to have lit up candles and bring rain by singing specific ragas. During colonial times, the zamindars and local rajas patronised music and ensured that future generations enjoy it.

Post-Independence, when the commercial movies started coming out they enriched the Indian music scene to a great extent. Some mind blowing melodious compositions from late OP Nayar, Laxmikant Pyarelal and others have enthralled the people of all stratas.

Earlier, only the rich had the privilege to listen to music but Bollywood made it possible for people to enjoy this great gift of God. Singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Mohd Rafi have carved a name for themselves in Indian musical history. Their songs still haunt us even up to this day.

Good quality singing was there in the past also but now in modern times globalisation has lead different forms and streams of music to come together. Now, people can enjoy, rock, blues, film music and many more genres, including the remix versions and western music. Journey of music has been slow and steady but it has made a place in peoples' heart. India will continue to produce great music and also listen to the same.