Indian on bathroom break cause 9/11@10 airplane scare
Ramesh Chander | 14 Sep 2011

On 9/11@10 there was world-wide news about a US plane from Denver to Detroit being escorted by F-16 fighter jets because of suspicious activities by passenger. Now the suspicious activity is revealed to be bathroom break by an Indian.

ON 9/11, the world media suddenly became obsessed with a Frontier air flight from Denver to Detroit. There were suspicious activities by the passengers we were told. The flight was escorted by fighter jets and three people were taken into custody. Hours later there was news that the people were freed and just like that the world forgot about the incident.

My first instinct on hearing about this was...was it racial profiling? Second instinct was...Is an Indian/Indian-American involved? (Somehow Indians seem to bear the blunt of racial profiling in most cases in US). My suspicion was confirmed today when the partial  identities of the three people taken into custody were revealed today in a blog by one of the three detained people. Two were Indians or Indian origin and one was an Arab-Jew. There sins, (apart from being brown) was that one Indian apparently had an upset stomach and went to bathrooms too many times, the other Indian stood up from his seat so that the guy with the upset stomach could pass and the Arab-Jew lady was well....half Arab. The three of them seem not to have known each other and it was sheer coincidence and I guess sheer bad luck they were sitting in the same row.

It is shameful that the people who view people with so much racial suspicion get away scot-free with a "I was just doing my duty and reporting suspicious activity" whereas innocent people whose only fault is the color of their skin, get humiliated and mistreated. But I guess that is life and we have to learn from every incident.

So what do we learn here...Do not fly on any 9/11 anniversary...If you do try to stay away from other brown-skin people...If sitting in the same row as another brown-skin person, do not go to the bathroom or better do not move..or would not moving raise suspicion with someone?