Indian women Hockey Players on sexual Harassment
Anand Krishnan | 21 Jul 2010

Indian women Hockey Players on sexual Harassment


Past Molestation like Ruchika case , Nithyaananda case and now the controversy of molestation case slam towards the Coaching Staff of Indian Women Hockey by the Players and a written complaint was send to the ministry office of present sexual harassment and vulgar dialogs by hockey staff towards women hockey players


And the complaint was slam towards the coach and Olympian M.K.Kaushik for alleged sexual harassment by them.


The man call the players by fixing a game meeting and the junior girls who are coming are abused and harassed by the staff  and one of the player told that one of the coaching staff asked for sexual interest by her and used vulgar comments during the china and Canada tour when this incident occurred .


The Four member committee has been setup by the Hockey India to look after the fresh and serious allegation by the players to staff.


The Hockey India general Secretary N.Batra told that the complaint has been received by the players in which the allegation puts against videographer of the team who is to involved  ith call girls during foreign tour.


At present the the coach of Indian Hockey Team Coach announced that he will step down from his post and will rejoin only when his name will be cleared


The Hockey India Team President Vidya Stokes will be on meeting to take assurance for the women players that those who found guilty will be punished in serious way


There is a link between Videographer and Kaushik by  bribes him and also deals on buying drinks on tour side on abroad and he is a mobile cashier for Kaushik for purchasing and shopping as a sponsor man


And another allegation is of his fitness towards as coach and he is totally unfit to coach the players and  due to that only the hockey team is not able to perform hundred percent well in games level .


And by the complaint basis the videographer has been dropped for the further trip due to pending case and all this matter has been on today`s meeting by the four members and the players will be asked of their complaints today


At present the women`s too are not secured in games also many cases are coming from offices and other areas and women are shying  by society but they should come forward and tell the society of their harassment by seniors and staffs but the allegation should be genuine then only the action can be taken seriously by the higher authority because these type of vulgar things make nation on shame and the culprits who do such thing must be punished seriously because at present punishment in India is gone very simple way and the culprits are walking freely after easy bail by Honorable court of India .