v.suryanarayana | 29 Jul 2009

Whts wrong in calling or adopting Indianism

SirKindly publish this article in ur letters column and oblige.Thank you.Here is a tete between an Indian educationist and an ordinary US high school lad The conversation goes like this Indian asking the US boy are you from New york The boy replied with full state of honors No I am from USA.Our so called educated man fell to the ground in a ashamed manner. I questioned him what happened He is unable to answer me. Are we ashamed of calling our self Indian? What a pity on us. We feel proud in describing our own caste, religion and new identity i.e. state that I am from Maharashtra,I am from Bengal, I am from Andhra etc? We are ready to send our so called children to west for securing their future and thus acclaiming different identity in the society. But how many of us remember the parental country India.Whats wrong with us to identify ouself as an Indian. The world don?t know your state your religion and your caste. They know one thing that you are an Indian. Let promote it. Their is no harm in it. Whenever we land on Indian soil and while meeting with our own Indians why won?t we get that familiar touch of a young US boy who is so proud to give his identity that he is an American. We feel so embarrassed even to hug our parents. Because they are Indians. But why we forget that this is due to these Indian parents and Indian education and culture today we acclaimed such a honor and respect in the society. How many of us know the fact that our previous generation who went to US on government scholarship are mostly from small villages and towns of our country they even married to ordinary woman of villages that too traditionally with the concern of their parents. But alas even these woman don?t remember India. 80% of scholars helping entire world to grow and achieve advancement are Indians. The entire world is growing only due to Indians. The entire world is proud to have Indians in there fold then why we Indians not ready to accept this fact.