Indians want more reforms says finace minister.CII summit opens in Vizag

The second summit of CII partnership summit has opened in Visakhapatnam on Friday with a galore and much fanfare. When the state is going for transformation to boost entrepreneurs of the country, CM of the state has dared to organise such a big event.

Indians want more reforms than ever before and as per their wish, government of India has brought GST legislation to make India uniform in taxation has said while inaugurating the second CII partner summit in a row on Friday 27th Jan 2917 in Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh. What he said that India has brought three reforms in focus particularly implementing the unique ID of ADHAR to every social welfare schemes which enable to throw away the corruption in basic level thus cores of rupees have been saved. The second is GST which make the India one and also prevented taxes on taxes, for this all the states in the country has cooperated. The last one among the third is demonetization of big currency notes.  The Chief Minister of state Mr. Chandrababu Naidu has participated in the summit.

The finance minister further said that during the two and half years newly formed state has progressed a lot and central government is sincerely supporting the state in starting important financial institutions previously which were gone to Telangana state. Appreciating the Chief Minster's efforts to put state in India one of the best, this shows the double digit growth rate.  The urbsan development minister Venkaiah Naidu has said that demonetization was great decision which is a great pill to heal the long ill of country and he praised the people who waited patiently for fifty days though they had undergone some difficulties.

Almost all more than 2000 delegates from India and 50 foreign countries have come here to attend the summit. The Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu hopes, more than seven lakh crores of rupees investment may come this time for the state.

The summit will have eight plenary sessions and last day that is on second day have four.