Influence of drugs on small children
Twinkle | 25 Feb 2011

The article deals with the early addiction to drugs amongst children who instead of going to school and enjoying childhood are seen getting addicted to drugs which are easily accessible to them.

AS I was returning from movie hall after watching a pathetic movie, I saw another thing that turned me completely off. I saw few small slum children I often see begging, were smoking JOINT. These children who are merely 8 to 10 years of age, who are supposed to study, play and enjoy their childhood are already indulged in drugs. The question which is disturbing me the most is that what will their future be?

Joint (cannabis) is prepared out of cannabis plant for a use as a psychoactive drug. It is in a form of a flower with subtending leaves and stalks. These have psychoactive and physiological effects when consumed. It may lead to reddening of eyes, dryness in mouth, sensation of heat or cold on hand, increased heart rate and relaxation of muscles.

It may have few beneficial effects. Among these are:-
· The amelioration of nausea & vomiting
· Stimulation of hunger in chemotherapy & AIDS patients
· It acts as a pain reliever

But having few beneficial effects and lots of bad effects does not mean we should have drugs. The benefits it provides can be foreseen in medical tablets as well which will have lesser side effects.

The smoking of JOINT is the most harmful way of consumption as inhalation of smoke of organic materials can cause various health problems. That is what those children were doing. These children who live in slums, manage their food by begging, who at a small age of 8 to 10 years are indulged in drugs makes me wonder what will their future be? How long will they survive? Will they have a smooth, healthy life or not?

Another question which is shaking the nerves out of me is how do they manage to find it? And how do they afford it? When they don’t have enough money to feed themselves with food, how do they afford drugs? So to find answer to this question I went out on a search on google and found shocking articles.