Innocent killings in US Gurdwara
John F Williams | 16 Aug 2012

The killing of the innocent Sikhs has condemned almost by every one. What makes us to behave like animals? Where are we heading, is the main question?

THE ENTIRE Sikh Community in India and abroad is very much agitated over the shooting at a Gurudwara at Wisconsin in the US in which six innocent Sikh were killed and many injured. The Sikh Welfare Association has started staging peaceful demonstratio in front of the US Embassy and other US Consulate offices at various states. Of course, they have a valid reason to act so.

Even our Prime Minster Manmohan Singh had a word with the US President to enquire into the incidence and compensate the grieved family. Ms Naraupa Rao, our Ambassador to the US, also met the US President, and talked to US Foreign Secretary who was in South Africa to find out the details on top priority and punish the shooters.

On Sunday, a gunman later, identified as an ex-U.S. Army soldier, opened fire on worshipers at a Sikh Gurdwara before he was shot and killed by police. Domestic terrorism or racism seems to be the reason behind the killings. The FBI has launched an investigation.

The last rites of the innocent Sikhs killed were performed under a candle procession. But why is all this happening; why there can’t be peace among we human beings?