Innovation at its core: Praj Hipurity
mohan | 03 Feb 2015

In an ever evolving scenario where business organizations are looking for ways and means to optimize the usage of sources, Praj Hipurity is amongst the most reliable organizations in the country that specializes in offering uniquely designed systems compliant with the American standards of FDA and UK MHRA.

Currently, Praj Hipurity caters to the pharma segment and the biotechnology industry. Previously, Praj Hipurity was known as Neela Systems. However, after Praj established a major stake in the operations, the business holders suggested that the name change was inevitable. This is what led to Neela systems being rechristened as Praj Hipurity. In addition to continuing the services that it offered as Neela, Praj Hipurity has evolved to include several other facilities which will make it an important contributor to the integral solutions needed by the pharma segment and the biotechnology sector as well.

Commenting on the expanding business portfolio, Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman, Praj Industries and Chairman Praj HiPurity Systems, said "Praj HiPurity Systems, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, has all the potential to cater to the ever evolving demands of several industries. We have also included state of the art waste water management systems that will help companies optimize the use of their resources. Additionally, this will minimize wastage as well, since our systems specialize in zero effluent discharge."

He also said that amongst the many things responsible for steering Praj Hipurity towards growth, innovation is a key attribute that has really helped the company grow by leaps and bounds. Every team member is given all the freedom to pursue innovative thinking as a means to resolve the problem. This has helped in strengthening Praj Hipurity's position as a service provider.

Even in situations when the teams are given a challenging scenario to handle, they make it a point to not apply the tried and tested solutions. The idea is to look for something new and more appropriate so that the business can grow. Also, the job does not end at providing the solutions. At Praj Hipurity, the focus is on implementing a holistic approach so that the business can actually adapt to the solution being implemented. Everything from the development of the solution to the implementation is supervised by experts. This is of course done after keeping the client in loop, so that at any stage, if there is a need to review and change, it can be done easily.

Expressing confidence in the company's potential to grow, Pramod Chaudhari, added further saying,  "Praj HiPurity Systems we will be catering to manufacturers of steroids, DNA recombinants, vaccines, proteins, anti-biotic drug makers, enzymes produces, bulk drugs formulations, nutraceuticals, beverages, etc. As of now, we have the team, experience and expertise of a highly skilled manpower that includes scientists, microbiologists, technologists, fermentation and implementation specialists and therefore, we are all set to move to the next level".